Roof Inspections

Roofs need annual inspections to ensure that damages or defects can be quickly remedied. Damage can be latent or glaringly obvious. Don’t delay in diagnosing your roof issues. Get an inspection annually in order to quickly identify damage that could devastate your roof system or other areas of your home.


Insurance Inspections

We specialize in assessing storm damage to roof systems. If you feel your roof may have been damaged due to a storm, we can help. We inspect your roof for storm damage, meet with your carrier to share our findings, and use the same estimate systems as most insurance carriers.


Roof Replacements

The roof over your home guards the items most precious to you, so we take roof replacements are seriously as you do. Taking the time to properly assess your roof system needs, educate you on the replacement process, and install with care - you can expect quality craftsmanship and a seamless roof replacement process with Sentri Roofing.